Childhood Falls and Their Impact

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Lifestyle Renovation In 3 Easy Steps

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The Dictionary defines Renovation as:

1 - To restore to a former, better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding).

2 – To restore to life, vigor, or activity.

Preparing For A Healthy Pregnancy

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Planning a family is an exciting time for any couple. There are books to read, videos to watch and doting relatives all too willing to share their stories. The reality is that your baby could live to be 80, 90, 100 years and beyond. Based on this reality, as soon-to-be parents, you need to understand how your choices will impact your baby throughout its lifetime.

Reaching Your Health Potential For A Lifetime

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The team at Highett Health and Wellness are proud to announce that we are the first Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Australia to become an affiliate of the Internationally acclaimed The 100 Year Lifestyle (Facebook) (www.100yearlifestyle.com)

So what is the 100 Year Lifestyle and what does it mean for you?

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a network of Chiropractors who are changing the way heath care is delivered around the world.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a way for you raise healthy, drug-free children and healthy drug-free families.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is health care program that will help you age in a healthier way than your parents and grandparents.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a Chiropractic health care system that is designed to help you achieve peak performance naturally.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a proactive health care system that will get you off the pain roller coaster so you can live a healthier life.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a Lifestyle System utilising Chiropractic to help you live to your full potential throughout your lifetime.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a balance of freedom financially, in your playtime and in your work. It is maximising your innate capabilities by making the most of your time, energy, talents and resources.

people who are living to 100 or more, are one of the world’s fastest growing age groups.  Living to 80, 90 and above has become the norm. Will knowing that you may live a century or more lend urgency to your desire to change the way you approach your lifestyle? Will you choose a 60 or 70 year lifestyle and suffer the consequences along the way, or will live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle and make the most of every day along the way? Read More...

Get Your Kids Back On Track

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Your children are about to embark on their last term of the school year. It’s often a tough one for children and their families, as term four spells the end of a hectic and often exhausting year. To ensure that your child has a healthy and successful end to the year, it is important to have their spine checked for misalignment and their body and nervous system re-balanced. Read More...