Preparation for Childbirth

Are you suffering from persistent discomfort or pain during pregnancy?

Are you having trouble remaining active?

What if we could help to relieve your pain or discomfort?


Regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps to create the best possible environment for your baby to develop. Our pregnant patients have their spine and pelvis checked regularly to ensure both are in the correct position, to allow as much room as possible for the baby to grow and develop. Patients are shocked to learn that many of the common pregnancy related symptoms and conditions that women report and simply ‘put up with’, may be helped with Chiropractic care. Correction of spinal or pelvic misalignment enables the nervous system to function optimally so it can combat many of the stresses and challenges faced during pregnancy.

A misalignment of the mid back during pregnancy can manifest as:

  • mid back pain
  • shortness of breath

A misalignment of the lower back or pelvis during pregnancy can manifest as:

  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Symphysis pubis or pelvic pain
  • Sacro-iliac pain


The team at Highett Health and Wellness encourage all pregnant women suffering from pregnancy related symptoms, consult with one of our experienced Chiropractors to have your spine and pelvis checked for misalignment.

Our treatment methods are natural, gentle, non invasive and serve to address the cause of your problem and prevent it from returning.


Research shows that correct alignment of the pelvis and spine contributes to a more straight forward labour with less pain and trauma for mother and child. Dr Jean Fallon’s 1991 research study found that first time mothers averaged a 24% shorter labour, and mother’s who had given birth before, had a 39% reduction in the average labour time after receiving Chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Through Chiropractic care and techniques adapted to accommodate the changes in the mother’s body shape and range of movement, our patients experience natural and effective relief from many pregnancy related symptoms.

Our Chiropractors will conduct a thorough examination of your spine and pelvis before devising a personalised treatment plan.

Talk to one of our experienced Chiropractors to learn how we can help prepare your body for the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth.

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