Effects of Spinal Misalignment

Chiropractic is based on the scientific knowledge that tension, misalignment or altered function of your spine (known as subluxations) can interfere with the flow of information and energy along your nerves, and may dramatically affect the structures, organs and functions of your body.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic focus on improving the function of your spine, which helps to free the flow of information throughout your nervous system. This helps your body to better coordinate its functions, adapt to stress and heal itself. Chiropractic care at Highett Health and Wellness may help you find relief from aches, pains and the symptoms associated with a range of common conditions while helping to improve your overall state of health.

The interactive spine below demonstrates the possible negative effect spinal misalignment can have on the structures, organs and functions of your body. 

C1 area effected the blood supply to the head, inner and middle ear, sympathetic nervous system, brain stem
Possible negative impact: headaches or pain on the top of the head, insomnia, bad dreams, memory problems, anxiety, recurrent ear infections, poor hearing, chronic tiredness, diziness, poor balance
C2 area effected around the eyes, sinuses, mastoid bones, tongue, forehead, jaw joint (TMJ)
Possible negative impact: headache behind the eye, jaw pain, sinus trouble or pain, visual disturbances (difficulty focusing), fainting, earache, pain above eyebrow
C3 area effected the outer ear, facial bones, teeth and jaw nerves, upper neck, diaphram
Possible negative impact: face or jaw pain, neck pain, breathing trouble
C4 area effected mouth, eustachian tube, shoulder muscles, upper chest, diaphram
Possible negative impact: throat conditions, shoulder pain and weakness, breathing trouble, stiff neck
C5 area effected the vocal cords, glands of the neck, pharynx, diaphram, forearm, bicep muscle
Possible negative impact: laryngitis, throat conditions, breathing trouble, forearm pain, weak bicep
C6 area effected neck muscles, thumb and index finger, tonsils
Possible negative impact: stiff neck, pain in the thumb or index finger, recurrent tonsilitis
C7 area effected the index finger, elbow joint, tricep muscle
Possible negative impact: poor handwriting, difficulty drawing, arm weakness, pain in little finger
T1 area effected the esophagus, trachea, forearm, heart
Possible negative impact: recurrent cough, pain in the back of arm
T2 area effected the heart
Possible negative impact: functional heart conditions, breathlessness
T3 area effected lungs, bronchial tubes, upper chest
Possible negative impact: bronchitis, pneumonia, recurrent colds or flu, chest congestion, difficulty breathing, Asthma, croup
T4 area effected gall bladder, breast, chest (pec muscle)
Possible negative impact: unexplained anger, gall bladder conditions, pectoral weakness, lactation difficulties
T5 area effected solar plexus, liver (with T8)
Possible negative impact: poor circulation, blood pressure issues, liver conditions
T6 area effected the stomach
Possible negative impact: stomach complaints (indegestion, heartburn, colic)
T7 area effected the pancreas, duodenum
Possible negative impact: gastritis, ulcers
T8 area effected the liver, spleen
Possible negative impact: lowered immunity, unexplained anger or bad moods
T9 area effected the adrenal glands
Possible negative impact: hives and some allergies
T10 area effected the kidneys, uterus
Possible negative impact: kidney trouble, chronic tiredness, infertility
T11 area effected the kidneys, ureters, uterus
Possible negative impact: kidney trouble, skin conditions (achne or eczema), infertility
T12 area effected the small intestine, uterus
Possible negative impact: bloating, gas pain, inability to conceive a baby, infertility
L1 area effected the large intestine, groin, uterus
Possible negative impact: constipation, diarrhea, groin pain, infertility
L2 area effected the appendix, abdomen, upper thigh, uterus
Possible negative impact: pain or tingling in the thigh, infertility
L3 area effected the sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees
Possible negative impact: painful or irregular periods, bladder trouble, miscarriages, bedwetting, impotency, knee pain
L4 area effected the prostate gland, quadricep muscle, sciatic nerve, muscles of lower back
Possible negative impact: sciatica medial leg pain, low back pain, quadricep weakness, shin splints
L5 area effected the sciatic nerve, calf muscle, ankles, feet, bladder
Possible negative impact: sciatica (lateral leg pain), low back pain, leg weakeness, swollen ankles, cold feet and poor circulation, cramps, frequent urination
Sacrum & Pelvis area effected the hip bones, buttocks, feet, bladder, uterus
Possible negative impact: bedwetting, spinal curvatures, sacro-iliac pain, ostitis pubis, recurrent injury to the groin, hamstring, quadricep or calf muscles, infertility