Family Posture Assessment

Did you know that many health problems stem from an unhealthy nervous system?

Did you know that spinal problems can be inherited from your parents?

We make it our business to care for the spinal health of your entire family.

Bad posture is almost always an indication that an underlying spinal problem exists. Below is a step by step guide explaining how to assess the posture of each of your family member’s. If a family member returns a positive test then they should be checked by one of our experienced Chiropractors to identify if an underlying spinal problem is present.

Postural Evaluation Sheet Postural Evaluation Sheet (213 KB)



  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes parallel.
  2. Close your eyes and nod your head back and forth twice (bringing your head back to the middle).
  3. Keep your eyes closed for ten seconds while the observer checks your shoulder and hip levels.


  1. Stand facing the participant and lightly place your index finger on top of the participant’s shoulders in order to note which shoulder is higher.
  2. Place your index fingers on top of the participant’s hips and note which hip is higher.
  3. Place a tick in the appropriate box on the posture graph (see attached postural evaluation sheet) to indicate a high shoulder and a high hip.

Important: If one of these test areas is positive, there is a high likelihood that a spinal subluxation exists. Identification of a subluxation can be only be confirmed by one of our Chiropractors.


Current patients

If you are a current patient of our practice, contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Please bring your completed postural evaluation sheet to your appointment so your Chiropractor can correlate the findings.

New patients

If you are not yet a patient of our practice, call us today and we will assist you in scheduling a complimentary spinal check appointment to discuss your family’s health concerns.

Our Chiropractors will conduct a thorough examination of your spine and pelvis before devising a personalised treatment plan.


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