Our Doctors of Chiropractic

Doctors of Chiropractic are the only health professionals trained to detect and correct subtle misalignments of a person’s spine.

To become a Doctor of Chiropractic requires 5 years of University education with course content including extensive study in anatomy and physiology, body mechanics, pathology radiology, biochemistry, nutrition, health promotion and adjusting techniques. Chiropractors also take up additional postgraduate studies to keep their knowledge and expertise up to date throughout their career.

Dr Ashley Campbell-Bird - Director and Principal Chiropractor

Dr Ashley Campbell-Bird is our clinic Director and Principal Chiropractor with over 29 years experience treating patients of all ages; from newborn babies and toddlers, to elderly patients whom he has cared for since 1986. Ashley offers patients a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience. In addition to his 5 year University Degree in Chiropractic, he has undergone extensive training to develop the skills required to help expectant mothers, newborn babies and children.

Ashley has a passion and special interest in helping expectant and nursing mothers experiencing back pains or sciatica as a result of pregnancy or childbirth, as well as children of all ages. Ashley spends a large part of his day caring for babies and young children. Parents of children experiencing frequent irritability, feeding difficulties, poor sleep habits and various digestive disorders have reported significant improvement with regular Chiropractic care.

Ashley also has a keen interest in helping dancers, athletes and competitive sports people achieve better flexibility and symmetry when stretching, rapid recovery from injury, injury prevention and improved strength and performance.

Dr Daniel Curtis-Wilson - Associate Chiropractor

Dr Daniel Curtis-Wilson is our passionate Associate Chiropractor with a keen interest in helping athletes and competitive sports people achieve peak performance. Having competed on a national level as an elite gymnast prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Daniel has great insight into what it takes to be an elite athlete. Daniel offers patients a combined approach of Chiropractic treatment, trigger point therapy, rehabilitation exercises and health and dietary advice.

Daniel is sought after by patients for injury rehabilitation treatment, having had great success relieving chronic hip and knee pain in patients who have failed to respond to others types of therapy (including physiotherapy, osteopathy, injections and even some failed arthroscopies). Daniel has recently expanded his rehabilitation scope of practice to include pre and post surgical rehabilitation for patients who have undergone hip or knee arthroscopies, shoulder surgery, or hydro dilatations.

Daniel is well equipped to assist Work Cover patients with rehabilitation from injury and integration back into the work force.

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